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Michele Théberge

    Michele Théberge’s collectors and fans treasure the quiet, ephemeral quality of her drawings, paintings and installations constructed from simple materials such as paper, paint, fabric, mylar, foil and pins. Her meditative art captures the essence of an idea or a moment in time through the simplest of means. Collected internationally, her work has been exhibited in museums, art fairs and galleries in New York, Osaka, London, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Miami and the United Arab Emirates.

    As a recognized expert in acrylic painting materials and methods, Michele travels the U.S. and Canada inspiring thousands of artists from beginners to established professionals with the latest techniques and materials.

    Michele’s web presence is giving her international exposure as a mentor to artists. Her popular online Artist Mentorship Program  teaches up-and-coming artists how to tap into their creativity at a deeper level, and move into the realm of professional artist. More experienced artists appreciate Michele’s gifts for helping them stay focused and effective in their studio practice and marketing.

    She holds an MFA degree from California College of the Arts, a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and a BA from Tufts University.

Seven Essential Practices for the Professional Artist
Michele Theberge​

ISBN- 978-0-9811860-6-1

Photos en noir et blanc, 64 pages,
13 x 20 cm.

prix de vente: 7.95$us / 8.75$Cd

   If you wish to know more about Michele's book, here is a little video where she talks about it and about what you will find inside!!!


   Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur le livre de Michele, voici une petite vidéo où elle explique ce qu'elle a voulu faire avec ce livre et ce que vous aller y trouver!

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